First Impressions: Hero Arts Ombre Inks

Hey Guys!  I am so excited to share with you my thoughts on the all new Hero Arts Ombre Ink Pads!  Please note that I was not compensated by Hero Arts or any other company to do this review.  I simply thought these ink pads were a very interesting idea and wanted to try them out for myself!


Mint to green ink pad.

Each of these ink pads are made up of three different colored ink strips.  The cool thing about these ink pads is that they are made from the fabulous dye inks that Hero Arts are known for!

When you first stamp with them, the ink looks a little splotchy, DON’T WORRY, as it dries it evens out into a beautiful shade with superb coverage.

Click the image to see how this card turned out.  You won't be sorry!
Click here to see how this card turned out. You won’t be sorry!

These ombre pads are also very versatile. I had fun not only stamping large images in a nice gradient, but I took my border stamps and made an ombre background using each of the color strips in one of the ink pads separately.

*A little note on staining.  These inks may stain your clear acrylic stamps (they stained mine).  So if you are super OCD about keeping your stamps crystal clear, keep that in mind.  But also keep in mind, staining doesn’t hurt your stamps AT ALL!  It’s purely a cosmetic thing, and will not affect future stamping.  There was no staining on my red rubber stamps.*

Over the next few weeks I will be making a card featuring each one of these ink pads using various techniques.  But before we get into that let’s look at the five different colors.

Mint to green.
Mint to green.
Pool to Navy. (This one is probably my favorite. I see a great nautical card with these colors.)
Pool to Navy. (This one is probably my favorite. I see a great nautical card with these colors.)
Butter to Orange.
Butter to Orange.
Pink to Red.  Although it's really more of a light pink to dark pink.
Pink to Red. Although it’s really more of a light pink to dark pink.
Gray to Black.
Gray to Black.

So, for their innovation, great color selection, and superb stamping quality I give these ink pads two enthusiastic thumbs up!

These ink pads are available from most craft stores and online at Simon Says Stamp, Amazon, and other retailers.

If you are interested in trying these neat ink pads out yourself, I have provided links below to where you can purchase them at Amazon.  (Please note, that while I do receive compensation from Amazon for purchases made through these links, I would never recommend a product that I don’t use and love myself!  I was not asked by any of these companies to provide these links, I just think these products are super cool!)


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