The Cricut Explore Air Vs The Cricut Explore One

Recently Cricut launched a “Getting to know Cricut Explore” campaign to help introduce people to the new machines in the Cricut family.  As one of Cricut’s blogging affiliates they have asked me to write a post to help introduce my readers to these machines as well.  Please note, that while I do receive compensation for product bought through the links included in this post, I only recommend products I use and love myself.

As part of the 4 part series last week I did a post introducing you to the new Cricut Explore Family.  If you Missed out on it, check it out here.  This week we will do a slightly more in depth look at the Cricut Explore Air™ vs. Cricut Explore One™.

My original Cricut Explore.

To begin let’s look at the Cricut Explore One.  This is Cricut’s newest machine, it came out just a few weeks ago. The benefit of this machine is that it gives crafters the cutting precision and the ease of the smart set dial but at a lower price point.

Smart set dial.
Smart set dial.

Cut Smart Technology The all new Cut Smart Technology Cricut introduced with the Explore machines has really changed the way Cricuts have cut!  The Cricut Explore One can cut a large variety of materials (more on this in a later post) with amazing precision from sizes as small as .25″ all the way up to 11.5″ x 23.5″.

Smart Set Dial With the smart set dial, cutting a different material is as easy as turning the knob.  There are presets for Paper, Vinyl, Iron-On, Light Cardstock, Cardstock, Fabric, and Poster Board.  Each of these presets have three ranges: light, medium, and heavy.  Once a material is selected with the dial, the Cricut Explore One will automatically set the optimum cutting speed, and blade pressure for the selected material.

The other machine in the Cricut Explore family is the Cricut Explore Air.  The Cricut Explore Air can do everything the Cricut Explore One can do, but it has an added chamber on the cutting carousel to accommodate a pen or scoring stylus.IMG_2424w  This allows you to write and/or score and cut all in one step!  So you can make your score line, write out your sentiment, then cut out your card base all in one step.  It just takes a quick change from the stylus to the pen!

The other added benefit of the Cricut Explore Air is that all these great features are wireless.  Just download the Cricut Design Space app, make your project and send it to your Cricut when you are ready to cut, score, and write!  (Please keep in mind that at the time of this post, the apps are only available on Apple devices.)

So if you are just looking for an easy to use cutting machine with great precision I would recommend the Cricut Explore One.

If you are looking for your machine to do a little more for you, or you want the wireless capability the Cricut Explore Air is best for you.


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