Cricut Design Space 101

Recently Cricut launched a “Getting to know Cricut Explore” campaign to help introduce people to the new machines in the Cricut family.  As one of Cricut’s blogging affiliates they have asked me to write a post to help introduce my readers to these machines as well.  Please note, that while I do receive compensation for product bought through the links included in this post, I only recommend products I use and love myself.

This post is part 3 in a 4 part series.  If you missed the introductory post to this series, find it here.  Part 2 of this series, “Cricut Explore Air™ vs. Cricut Explore One™” can be found here.

Today’s post will be a very brief introduction to the Cricut software, Cricut Design Space™.  This software is free with your Cricut machine and runs through the internet on your computer or iPad.  deisgn space home

When you first open Cricut Design Space™, you will notice you can either click on the big blue “Create New Project” button to start from scratch or you can choose one of the “Make It Now” projects.  These Make It Now projects already have everything laid out for you so all you have to do is send it right to your Cricut, but you may also edit them if you like.  For this post we are going to focus on the Create New Project Button.

UntitledInsert Images After clicking Create New Project, a blank canvas appears with some new tools bars.  On the left side are buttons to add images to your project, and the right side are tabs to edit your project.Butterfly
To add an image from the Cricut library, click “Insert Images”.  Find the image you would like to insert into your project and click insert.  The image now appears in the main window and it can be edited with the tabs on the right hand side.

Upload Images If you would like to use an image that is not in the Cricut library, (maybe some clip art that you found on Google) click the Upload Images button on the left side of the screen right below the Insert Images.  This will open up a new menu.UploadFrom here you can choose either a Basic Upload (for .jpg, .gif, .png etc. files) or a Vector Upload (for .svg files).  Click on “Upload Image” or “Upload Vector” and the wizard will walk you through all the steps and your image will appear in your design space!  Simple as that.

This was a very quick introduction that just barely scratched the surface of what Cricut Design Space can do for you!  If you have any questions or want to hear more about a specific aspect of Design Space please leave a comments below!  I love hearing from you guys!


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